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Transgenic alfalfa Knocks

Spain is the European state with more land devoted to growing alfalfa

VSF (Barcelona) .- Monsanto has again shown it has one of the most successful lobby departments on the planet. The U.S. company has spent years influencing brilliantly in all administrations which has business interests so that they open the doors, and the more the better, its GM seeds and products. The Spanish State is a good example of this and it is no coincidence that the European state is more hectares of crops have trasngénicos.

A list of genetically modified (GM)-corn, soybeans, cotton, beets, potatoes, tomatoes and even salmon, now we can add another product of the masses: alfalfa.

Alfalfa is a crop that is used intensively as an important feed for ruminants, especially dairy cows. One of the fodder star. Monsanto think big and deciding which genes you bully, factors such as the amount of acreage and, especially, the degree of importance in human or animal, are key aspects in their decisions. And the food is alfalfa virtually indispensable for industrial production of milk in the western world.


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