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  • The coexistence of the traditional alfalfa with the transgenic alfalfa
News about alfalfa

The coexistence of the traditional alfalfa with the transgenic alfalfa

A survey made to US farmers, show that no not exist a big opposition to the genetic modified variety

According to this survey, about one third of American farmers planted alfalfa genetically modified (GM). Of the surveyed farmers who planted GM alfalfa, 90% said they were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with technology and technology even exceeded their expectations. The most commonly cited negative among the farmers was the largest biotech seed costs.

In addition to the cost of seed, the philosophical opposition to genetic engineering and adherence to organic production are the most commonly complains for the farmers not use this variety of the alfalfa.

However, from the farmers do not use the GM variety; two thirds believe that their cultivation should be allowed without restrictions.

Still, more than half of the farmers who grew biotech alfalfa said they were taking some precautions to avoid cross-pollination, such as cutting, safety distances, and coordinate court schedules and cleaning of equipment.


Source: Checkbiotech

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