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News about alfalfa

Exportation has animated the forages market

In the first quarter of 2011/2012 season, forages export sales were approximately 40%. .

Sources of the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Dehydrated Alfalfa (AEFA) explained that as of June 30, the percentage of stocks processed product in the power industry is the lowest "recent history" - with the exception of the campaign 2005/2006- and sales per month during the first quarter of the season were the highest in recent years.

According to figures from AEFA, the stock held by the industry was 322,000 tons, representing 37.7% of transformed production in the first quarter of the year (854,000 tons).

In the case of sales, according to same sources, 630,000 tons were sold between April and June this year, around 210,000 tons month, "an amount that had hardly ever achieved in that period.".

They explained that this significant volume of sales has relied heavily on exports and, although the latest numbers are from April and May, months in which foreign sales reached 102,000 tones and, "we are probably 40% to that destination" in the first quarter of the campaign.

Export destinations

From AEFA, reported that 60% of exports have led to United Arab Emirates, followed by France, which this year more fodder demand because of the drought they have experienced.

In the 2010/2011 marketing year, exports from the Spanish feed industry sales reached record levels with a total of 764,530 tons, compared to 500,000 or 600,000 of previous seasons.

Of the total of these exports, nearly half also went to United Arab Emirates, with 379,706 tons, followed by France with 96,205.

Other destinations included Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Morocco, Libya, Italy, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Denmark, Malta, Japan, Cyprus, Kuwait and South Korea.

As the national market, it addresses 60% of sales, from AEFA have indicated that although the demand density is "very weak" has “quite stretched "due to the high prices of cereals have become more competitive for granulated alfalfa.


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