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Alfalfas SAT Ansó is a family business founded in 1978 by D. Miguel Ansó, and is dedicated to the agricultural sector since its beginning and one day opted for the modernization of agriculture of that time installing a forages dehydration plant.

In our company, we are dedicated to the production, processing and marketing of dried forages, mostly alfalfa from the Valley of Ebro.

There are now three generations that we remain committed with the same enthusiasm and effort by the continuity of the company and continue to grow day by day width new projects that enhance our feed, improving, when possible, the level of our service, quality and commitment to our customers.

Innovation, dedication and demand are values inherited and transmitted from generation to generation that is making it possible to stay for more than 30 years in the market.


Customer trust in the national level has always been one of our great purposes that we get with the quality of our feed.

Achieved this milestone, we are dedicated to getting the trust of customers beyond our borders, exporting our forages to markets as demanding and competitive as ours.

Our goal continues to be to keep our product with the highest possible quality for which we track the entire production cycle of the alfalfa, starting at the optimum time of crop through harvest and ending with the dehydration process.

To meet the demand of both markets (National and international), we have two lines of dehydration of forages with a capacity of transformation of approximately 480 tons / day.

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